Western Digital 'Red': hard disks for NAS devices

By , source: Western Digital

Western Digital has introduced the 'Red' NAS hard disks. These SATA drives are - unsurprisingly - intended for use in NAS devices, specifically entry level to mid-range models with one through five drive bays. The manufacturer has thoroughly tested the drives for compatibility with NAS devices by prominent manufacturers and claims they have been optimized in terms of both energy efficiency and performance. The 3.5-inch drives are available in capacities of 1, 2 and 3 Terabyte.

The WD Red series features NASware technology, which supposedly improves reliability and performance, while keeping downtime at a low. The hard disks also have 3D Active Balance Plus, which reportedly significantly improves the all-round performance of the drives.

Western Digital's Red hard disks are available at recommended prices of €99.90 (£79) for the 1 TB model (WD10EFRX), €129.90 (£103) for the 2 TB model (WD20EFRX) and €189.90 (£150) for the 3 TB version (WD30EFRX).

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