Swiftech introduces Apogee Drive II water-block with pump

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Swiftech is introducing the Apogeee Drive II, a CPU water-block with integrated pump. The manufacturer states that the new product contains all technology and know-how currently available. The new Apogee Drive II is the successor to the Apogee Drive, from 2007. Swiftech clearly opted for a different strategy with its new Apogee Drive, as no short-cuts were made this time around to save money.

The 2007 model used a simple MCP350 type pump and a lot of plastic components, while the new edition has a stronger pWM-controlled MCP35X pump. The Apogee Drive II is equipped with a high-quality machine cut copper heatsink, compatible with a wide variety of sockets. For added ease of installation, the input and output of the pump can be switched around. The pump uses its own heatsink to guarantee stable operation at high temperatures.

A Swiftech logo with LED-lighting on top of the pump, as well as an improved mounting system complete the Apogee Drive II. In an attempt to decrease costs and component waste, three versions of the Apogee Drive II will be released. One will support sockets LGA1155/1156 and 1366, the second is compatible with Intel's larger LGA2011 socket and the third is intended for use with AMD sockets.

Internal Swiftech tests claim that the Apogee Drive II cools almost as efficient as the Apogee HD, a high-end water-block without a pump. According to Swiftech, this latest water block with pump should make it easier to install watercooling in more compact systems. After all, all you need is room for a radiator and a reservoir. The alternative, a ready-made solution, offers less performance and flexibility than cooling with separate components and a more powerful pump.

Swiftech's Apogee Drive II are priced as follows:

  • Intel LGA 1155,1156,1366 socket: $144.95 (£93)
  • Intel LGA2011 socket: $135.95 (£87)
  • AMD socket: $138.95 (£89)

New Swiftech Apogee Drive II combines CPU water-block with a powerful integrated pump

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