Corsair Force Series 3 Upgrade Kit for laptops

By , source: Corsair

Last May, Corsair launched its Force Series 3 solid state drives. The SSDs were based on the SandForce SF-2281 controller which, according to Corsair, allows them to reach speeds of 500 MByte/s for reading and writing, as well as 85.000 IOPS. Just a month later, the SSDs with model number CSSD-F120GB3-BK were recalled to fix a hardware-related issue. This fix, in addition to a new firmware resulted in the drives reaching the promised speeds.

It seems that Corsair has everything under control again, as the manufacturer has launched a laptop kit in its Force Series 3. This upgrade kit consists of a 120 GB or 240 GB SSD, USB-to-SATA cable and a software CD to transfer data. The solid state drives are 7 mm thick, making them compatible with virtually every notebook. Samsung has been offering a similar solution for a while now with its 830 series SSD notebook kit. These kits are ideal for less advanced computer users to upgrade from a hard disk to SSD storage.

Corsair's Force Series 3 SSD Upgrade kit costs €140 (£112) for the 120 GB version and €260 (£208) for the 240 GB edition.

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