Transcend launches 8 GB DIMM and SO-DIMM modules

By , source: Hartware

Transcend has introduced two memory modules with 8 GB capacity in its JetRAM series. The JM1333KLH-8G is a DIMM DDR3 module used in desktop systems, while the JM1333KSH-8GB is an SO-DIMM module for notebooks. With 8 GB per module, systems can save power compared to two separate 4 GB modules. This is especially interesting for small home servers.

The clock frequency is 1333 MHz, at a CAS latency of CL9 and a required voltage of 1.5V. Transcend provides a thirty-year warranty with its modules, essentially a lifetime warranty since its highly unlikely anyone will still be using these modules thirty years from now.

Both modules are priced about £40.

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