Lenovo debuts business desktop systems

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Lenovo has developed a number of new business systems, including two compact desktops and a 23-inch all-in-one computer. The manufacturer simultaneously debuts a new ThinkVision 2-inch" IPS-monitor, also intended for business users.

ThinkCentre M92p en M72e

The two small desktop systems are named ThinkCentre M92p and M72e and are no thicker than a golf ball (3.45 cm). Their one-litre volume makes these machines extraordinarily small, while offering virtually the same functionality as a large desktop PC. The systems are powered by an Intel Core processor based on the LGA 1155 socket. Processor choices include the latest and most-efficient Ivy Bridge processors. These chips perform exceptionally well when it comes to office use, while the integrated Intel GPU allows for smooth video conferencing and offers support to up to three monitors simultaneously. The special 'Mozaik Mode' even allows four monitors to be hooked up. As a result, no separate graphics card is present in the two desktop systems, that are both compatible with Intel's business vPro features.

Both cases have a TPM module, a WiFi receiver, an unknown amount of memory and up to 1 TB of storage (both hard disks and SSDs are possible). Lenovo bundles the 'Enhanced Experience 3 for Windows 7' (EE3) software with the machines, which should allow the operating system to boot faster. Also bundled is 'PC Cloud Manager for vPro', which manages all desktops on the business network through a web interface. Given the limited dimensions and hardware, it doesn't come as a surprise that the two desktops are very efficient. The ThinkCentre M92p and M72e both have EPEAT Gold, UL Environment Gold, Energy Star, GREENGUARD and Cisco EnergyWise certificates.

ThinkCentre M92p and M72e

ThinkCentre M92z

The ThinkCentre M92z is an all-in-one computer that will be available in both 20-inch and 23-inch versions. The specifications are pretty similar to the desktop systems, the difference being a dedicated AMD Radeon graphics card. These all-in-ones are aimed at the business market with features like Intel's vPro, a high-resolution webcam for video conferencing, integrated audio with 'Dolby Advanced' enhancements, an integrated microphone and WiFi support. This machine also comes with several efficiency and durability certificates.

ThinkCentre M92z

ThinkVision LT2323z

Lenovo claims that the ThinkVision LT2323z is the first monitor with a Microsoft Lync qualification, which relates to the quality of the monitor during video conversations. In order to receive this qualification, Lenovo combined a high-quality IPS panel with an integrated 'Full HD' webcam, two microphones (for filtering and damping) and two speakers. The monitor also has a user-friendly stand, which allows the screen to be adjusted in height, as well as rotated. The 23-inch monitor has the UL Environment Gold, Energy Star, TCO Edge and EPEAT Golf certificates. Lenovo states that the monitor is also the first to receive a TUV Green Mark certification.

The ThinkCentre M72e and M92p desktops will cost $499 and $799, while the all-in-one system starts at $799. The price of the 23-inch monitor has yet to be determined, as are the UK prices.

ThinkVision LT2323z monitor

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