$800 Apple MacBook Air to compete with Ultrabooks

By , source: Digitimes

Apple is rumoured to be working on an answer to the upcoming Ultrabook laptops. Intel has founded this segment of notebooks to compete with Apple's aluminium lightweight MacBook Air.  As the Ultrabooks are slowly gaining ground, Apple plans to respond by releasing a new MacBook Air in the third quarter. The new notebook is to be priced around $800.

In the meantime, Intel is agressively promoting the Ultrabooks, including a $300 million fund to develop the devices, as well as another $100 million to create applications for an Intel App Store. The release of Windows 8 should make the Ultrabooks even more popular thanks to the lightweight operating system on fast hardware, combined with the abundance of features that can be used with other mobile devices.

The Ultrabooks should hit shelves this year with prices ranging from $700 to $1000, depending on the model. The current cheapest 11-inch Apple MacBook Air with 64 GB SSD costs $1000, while a version with a 128 GB drive will set you back $1200. If Apple is capable of releasing a MacBook Air at the cost of an fully-featured Ultrabook, Apple would at least succeed in delaying the advance of Intel's Ultrabooks.

Apple to introduce 800 USD MacBook Air in third quarter to compete with Ultrabooks

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