Wireless media transmission by Netgear

By , source: Engadget, Netgear [PDF]

Netgear has done things differently with its new PTV1000 Push 2 TV adaptor. The manufacturer uses Intel's Wireless Display technology on the device. This technique allows users to transmit both video and audio from a notebook to a TV by means of a WiFi connection. According to the manual, a Core i3, i5 or 7 processor, combined with integrated Intel GMA videochip and Windows 7, are required to operate smoothly. In the manual Netgear also warns users that the Wireless Display-signals are unprotected and therefore incompatible with all DVD- and Blu-ray movies.

As of yet, only little information is known as to how Intel's Wireless Display technology and the PTV1000 Push 2 TV adaptor operate, but it's likely that additional information will be provided during the CES conference.

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