Thermalright VRM-coolers for HD5000 series

By , source: TechConnect

In addition to the recently announced Spitfire GPU-cooler, Thermalright has introduced a seperate VRM-cooling solution for AMD's Radeon HD5850 and HD5870 graphics cards. The coolers are branded VRM-R3 and VRM-R4, respectively used with the HD5850 and HD5870. Both coolers are quite large, equipped with two 6mm thick heatpipes and an aluminum heatsink. An 80mm fan can be mounted on the heatsink to further improve the cooling capacity.

Thermalright states that these special VRM heatsinks are designed for the reference HD5800 graphics cards. A card with an alternative PCB-design is possibly incompatible with these VRM-R3 and VRM-R4 coolers.

Thermalright has special VRM coolers for HD5850 and HD5870 graphics cards

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