Sapphire launches HD5770 Vapor-X card

By , source: TechConnect

Shortly after the launch of the Radeon HD5800 and HD5700 series, AMD partner Sapphire has already introduced models with an alternative Vapor-X cooling solution. These cards feature a vapor-chamber cooler, which keeps them cooler than models with a reference cooler. Earlier, Sapphire released Vapor-X versions of the HD5870 and HD5750 graphics cards and has now added an HD5770 Vapor-X model as well.

Like its companions, the HD5770 Vapor-X features a 40nm 'Juniper' chip with 800 active shader units. The card is equipped with 1GB of GDDR5 memory, clocked at 1200 MHz. The new model bears a striking resemblance to the Vapor-X HD5750, using the same cooler and PCB. The HD5770 differs however in that its PCB is black, while that of the HD5750 is blue.

Sapphire has overclocked the core from 850 to 860 MHz. A nice way to set yourself apart from the mass, but it won't make much of a difference. Sapphire's HD5770 Vapor-X features an HDMI, DisplayPort and two dual-link DVI outputs. The recommended price of this special model is specified at 145 euro.

Sapphire adds Radeon HD5770 model to Vapor-X series

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