Three new Eizo widescreen TFT monitors


Eizo has introduced three new TFT monitors with PVA panels. The screens will be branded S2223W, S2243W and S2433W and feature a 16:10 aspect-ratio. The S2433W is a 24-inch monitor, whereas the other two panels sport a 22" diagonal. The S2433W and S2243W feature a 1920x1200 pixel resolution, whereas the other 22" screen (S2233W) uses the more conventional 1680x150 pixel resolution.

According to Eizo, the usage of a PVA panel makes these monitors perfectly suited for color-critical applications, such as CAD and image editing. To save power, Eizo has incorporated the 'Auto-EcoView' functionality in all three monitors. This is a sensor that detects the ambient lighting and adjusts the brightness of the screen accordingly. The screens can be connected through VGA, DVI and DIsplayPort. All three widescreen TFT's sport an integrated USB hub, as well as speakers and a headphone jack.

Eizo releases the screens in the colours black and light-gray and provides users with the option to pick either a column stand or the EasyUp-stand. The recommended price for the S2433W, S2243W and S2233W is specified at respectively €775, €530 and €450.

Eizo launches three new widescreen TFT's

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