Antec presents special overclockers PSU


Recently, Hardware.Info was present during Antec's annual press tour. Apart from the vast quantity of marketing, the company had some interesting things to tell. One of the new products Antec reported on is a special power supply, intended for overclockers. This edition of the True Power Quattro 1200W, the TPC-1200 OC, has six +12V rails, an 80 Plus Silver efficiency certificate and uses so-called PowerCache capacitors. These 2200µf capacitors are located directly in front of the CPU and GPU plugs and are to prevent voltage drops when significantly more power is required.

Antec has equipped the TPC-1200 OC with two knobs, one to adjust the fanspeed and another to control the 12V output voltage (ranging from 11,8 to 12,4V). The power supply is nVidia SLI-Ready and ATI Crossfire-certified. The device features gilded connectors and the hybrid cable management combines the advantages of modular cabling (for optional devices) with those of a non-modular design (to power components that are mandatory in each system). The PWM-fan keeps the sound production low under most circumstances, but when required it can spin a lot faster than most of the voltage-controlled fans.

We wonder whether overclockers wouldn't prefer a single 12V rail with a large capacity over the used six rails, each sporting a 38A capacity. Fact remains that this 3,5 kg-weighing PSU is capable of providing even the most demanding systems of power. A request for a test model has been sent to Antec.

3,5 kg worth of PSU: Antec's True Power Quattro 1200 OC.

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