New version of AMD OverDrive available

By , source: Nordic Hardware

AMD has released a new version of its AMD OverDrive tool. Version 3.1 can be downloaded from the AMD website. This software allows the processor to be overclocked entirely or for each individual core, without altering BIOS settings. The frequency of the internal memory can also be adjusted.

The most important change of version 3.1 in comparison to the previous version is the support for new AMD products. The latest version is compatible with motherboards featuring AMD's 790FX/790GX/790X/785G/780G/770 chipsets. Support for the Evergreen line of GPUs, launched in September, has also been added. This makes the OverDrive tool suitable for use with an ATI Radeon HD5870 card as well. Not entirely unimportant is the guaranteed compatibility with Windows 7.

Users of an AMD 780V/760G or 740G chipset will not be able to overclock their systems using the OverDrive software. Older chipsets such as the 690G and 580X will not be supported either. Owners of non-AMD chipsets are also excluded.

Versie 3.1 van AMD OverDrive

Versie 3.1 of AMD's OverDrive

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