NewSight presents 180 inch 3D-monitor

By , source: Engadget

NewSight Coporation has recently developed a new technology for 3D-monitors. The screens are able to project 3D-simulated images, without requiring special 3D-glasses. The Japanese division of NewSight went on and implemented the technology in a rather large 3D-monitor. The 180 inch monster uses Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) to function as pixels. 


A chip inside of the monitor generates eight screens in stereo realtime. Because the LED's are mounted under a slight angle, each image is broadcast from a different direction. The human eye then compiles these images to one combined whole.

The company reports that four of these 180 inch monitors combined make for an enormous 360 inch screen. The ideal viewing distance of the 180 inch panel is approximately five meters, though the image can also be adjusted to the distance. 

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