Durable 750 Watt PSU by ASUS

By , source: ASUS

ASUS will release a new power supply of which they claim has double the life span of a regular power supply. The U-75HA has a mean time between failure (MTBF) of 200.000 hours, while normal power supplies are specified at 100.00 hours. A lifetime of 200.000 hours means this supply can hold out for an average 22 years non-stop and over 30 years when it's not as intensely used. 


The U-75HA is a 750 Watt model which, with its 86% efficiency, lives up to the 80PLUS standard. The supply is cooled by a 135mm temperature-regulated fan. The supply features four +12V rails, making it possible for the four 6+2 pin PCI-E connectors to provide enough power to the graphics cards. The following connectors are present: 

  • 20+4 pins ATX cable
  • Molex (6x)
  • Floppy (2x)
  • SATA (6x)
  • 8-pins 12V CPU connector
  • 6+2-pins PCI-Express power connector (4x)

The U-75HA is part of ASUS' U-series, supplies in this series all have active PFC and a higher efficiency.  More information on the power supply can be found here.


ASUS U-75HA with a doubled life time

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