[Computex08] ASUS Ares case

By , source: Expreview

Earlier this week, ASUS showed a special system that is part of the company's Republic of Gamers line-up. This series is known for its high-end motherboards, but will now have a complete system added to it, named Ares CG6150. The machine features an Intel Extreme Edition quad-core processor and two GeForce 9800GX2 graphics cards in Quad-SLI. The fact the system can be ordered with up to 8 GB of DDR3 memory reveals that it features an nForce 790i motherboard.

The system has room for up to four 1TB hard disks and comes with a Blu-Ray and regular DVD-RW drive. To cool the processor, ASUS has installed watercooling in the case. According to ASUS, the two 1 kilowatt power supplies guarantee stability. There's one certainty with this system: it won't be cheap. 


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