Three platter 1 TB hard disk by WD

By , source: Dailytech, Western Digital

Western Digital has started selling a new model from the energy efficient Caviar Green Power line-up in Asia. The WD10EACS features a capacity of one terabyte, spread over three 333 GB platters. We've seen the same plattersize in Samsung's F1 and it provides a greater data density compared to smaller platters. This allows the hard disk to achieve relatively fast transit speeds.

wd_caviar_gp_1_tb_250 wd_caviar_gp_1_tb_2_250

The Caviar Green Power series features a variable speed at which the platters turn, dependant on the load these speeds can be between 5400 and 7200 RPM. The Western Digital Caviar GP 1 TN has 16 MB cache and is connected with the modern SATA interface. Though the disk is expected to be available worldwide soon, recommended prices are not yet known.

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