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Hardware.Info respects the privacy of all visitors to this site and takes care to keep any personal information you supply is kept in confidence. We use your details only to enable site functionality and if you so desire, mail you a daily or weekly newsletter. In any other case we will only use your personal details if you explicitly allow us to. Hardware.Info will never sell or supply your personal data to third parties.

Hardware.Info uses the collected data to offer visitors the following services:

1) To prevent registration by spambots. Upon registration, we require a valid email address to confirm the registration. This is necessary to prevent registration by so-called 'bots'. A working email address is also needed to receive notifications of price alarms, if you choose to receive those.

2) To mail you our newsletter. If you register for our newsletter, using a separate registration process, we will use your email address to send you a daily or weekly newsletter featuring the latest updates at Hardware.Info, such as new reviews, news items and tested products.

3) To further develop Hardware.Info. Information regarding the user of our site and feedback we receive from visitors help us to further develop and improve our site. For this purpose Hardware.Info at times will do visitor research in the shape of questionnaires. The outcome of these is of course confidential and solely used internally.

4) To enable you to share your experiences regarding products and online shops. Should you decide to write a product review or shop review, you do this using your Hardware.Info account. You can use your own name for this, but you can also create an alias. While we welcome the views and opinions of our visitors, we reserve the right to remove reader contributions that do not adhere to the site conditions for use.

5) To register participants in a contest. If you respond to a contest, we may request your name, address and email address. These are used solely for the purposes of the contest, to announce winners and contact these in person.

Account for multiple sites

A 'HWI Connect' account can be used to access all Hardware.Info BV / HWI Group sites. Keep this in mind when choosing a user name and considering what information to supply.

Hardware.Info will not sell your data

Hardware.Info will never sell your personal data to third parties and will only supply these to a third party in the case of a contest organised together with that third party. In that case we will always announce this in advance so you can choose whether to participate. Our staff and parties working with us are under obligation to always respect the confidentiality of your personal data.


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Should you have any further questions regarding the Hardware.Info Privacy Policy, feel free to contact us. Our site admins will assist you should you need information regarding your details or if you wish to remove your account. Should the Privacy Policy change, you can always find the latest version on this page.

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