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Compare the specifications of 4,943 printers/all-in-ones and find the best product for a nice price. In the past 18 months, Hardware.Info tested 17 printers/all-in-ones, bringing the total amount of tested printers/all-in-ones to 332. Buy a printer/all-in-one from one of the 9 listed web shops or read one of the 19 printer/all-in-one reviews on Hardware.Info.

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Laser printer test: Entry-level work horses

28 October 2017 - 04:59

What should a printer be capable of? Printing documents quickly and efficiently; it would be nice for the device, if it's an all-in-one, to be capable of scanning and printing with no issues. Hardware.Info tests four cheap laser printers.

4 photo printers review: in search of the perfect print.

12 August 2016 - 04:59

We test many kinds of printers here at Hardware.Info. Today we're testing printers from a category that we don't cover too much, namely photo printers. We're going to cover important aspects when printing and we're discussing four models.

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