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A few weeks ago nVidia released the GeForce 7900 GS in an attempt to bridge the gap between high and mid-range cards. With a price tag of around $ 200 the Geforce 7900 GS has an excellent price to performance ratio. In a previous comparison test we had a look at the cards on offer from Point-of-View, Sparkle and XFX. Meanwhile ASUS has decided to jump on the 7900 GS bandwagon and has released its own version of the card. What sets the ASUS apart from the crowd are the extremely high clock speeds at which it runs as standard. Due to this the EN7900 GS is almost as fast as a standard GeForce 7950 GT....

The ASUS EN7900 GS makes use of a 7950 GT PCB, just like the 7900 GS from XFX. The GPU on the ASUS is clocked at 590 MHz, 140 MHz more than the nVidia reference clock speed of 450 MHz. This makes for an impressive overclock no matter how you look at it, but ASUS haven't left it at that, the GDDR 3 memory on the EN7900 GS runs at a very impressive 720 MHz, 60 MHz up from the reference clock speed of 660 MHz. The Point-of-View 7900 GS was king of the hill when it came to factory overclocking with clock speeds of 550 MHz and 700 MHz respectively for the GPU and memory, but ASUS came, saw and conquered and now holds the title of highest clocked factory card.

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