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Dell's ultimate living room notebook

Dell XPS M2010

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Heavy duty Dell

Dell XPS M2010

As we have seen from previous articles and reviews, notebooks are available in various shapes and sizes. Ranging from compact models, like the Toshiba Libretto, to gargantuan machines like the previously reviewed Acer Aspire 9800. This last category is gaining popularity as Acer is not the only manufacturer with a 20 inch notebook in its line-up, this became apparent when we received a large package from Dell.

When we had opened box, the first thing that struck us was that this was a machine unlike any other notebook we had ever seen or dealt with before. When open the machine looks like a hybrid, somewhere in between a notebook and a desktop, but looking more closely at its shape and technical specifications its notebook DNA becomes more apparent. Looking at the technical specs the M2010 is clearly a notebook, with its Centrino Duo processor, battery and handle for carrying it around. The outside of the Dell M2010 is covered with a soft, leather like material that would have you believe that you were dealing with a briefcase from some designer brand. Its almost a pity that the rest of the machine looks just like any other laptop.

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