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Business Value: NEC Versa M360

Business notebook with excellent performance


Business Value

NEC Versa M360

A business notebook must conform to different requirements than those of a notebook developed for general consumers. Consumers buying a notebook or computer will try and base their purchase on the best trade off between price and quality. Business users on the other hand find the market or production life of a certain system or model to be of greater importance as this allows for a certain level of standardisation within a business or company. A good example of a typical business orientated notebook is the Versa M360 from NEC, which we will be reviewing in this article.

The NEC Versa M360 is a notebook which offers both the home and business user various interesting possibilities. NEC's Versa line up is based on the Centrino Duo and the system we received for testing contained the Intel Core Duo T2500, a relatively fast dual core processor. Seeing as this model is aimed mainly at the business market it should come as no surprise that NEC chose to implement the Intel 945GM chipset with onboard graphics processor. Anyone considering buying a laptop to play games may just as well stop reading now as they wont find what they need with the Versa M360.

NEC Versa M360

The machine comes with a 15,4 inch wide screen monitor with a resolution of either 1280x800 or, as an option, 1680x1050. Just like the previously tested MSI Mega Book M662 this is a 15,4 inch notebook with a numeric keypad integrated into the keyboard. This makes the notebook ideal for anyone working in the financial sector or any form of business where large amounts of numeric data have to be entered. Business users will also be charmed by the Versa M360's finger print recognition technology which allows for greater security for those systems containing confidential information.

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