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Lenovo Thinkpad Twist review: flexible Thinkpad

A small business-oriented laptop with twisting screen



We recently reviewed the Lenovo Yoga 13, but it's not the only laptop from Lenovo with a touchscreen. Today we will take a closer look at the ThinkPad Twist, a 12.5-inch notebook with - you guessed it - a screen that you can twist around.

Whereas with the Yoga you were able to flip over the screen completely, on the ThinkPad Twist you can twist it around its axis. It's a convertible, a concept that existed before tablets were the new trend, but that's really taking off now with the arrival of Windows 8. You can use the Twist as a laptop, a tablet, but also twist the screen to show someone else what you're doing.

Lenovo ThinkPad Twist S230u (N3C26MH)

The name ThinkPad indicates that this model is intended for the business market, unlike the Yoga which is a consumer laptop. It's meant for the small business market to be specific, since the Edge product line it's part of is positioned between the IdeaPad and the professional ThinkPad models.

Lenovo ThinkPad Twist S230u (N3C26MH)

You can see the business orientation in the finish, the ThinkPad is black with the rubber finish the ThinkPads have been known for for years. You also get a trackpoint in addition to the touchpad and the touchscreen, not to mention the keyboard of course. There is no shortage of input options, in other words. The keyboard types very nicely, even if the middle sags a little too much.

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