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Three EnGenius routers reviewed: ESR-300H, ESR-600H and ESR-750H

VPN server included


Test results: 3 laptops simultaneously

It's interesting to find out how a router divides the bandwidth when multiple devices are connected to the router. To test this, we connected a laptop at 3 metres, one at 10 metres, and a third laptop. We tried to create a fan pattern as much as possible, so the router has to cover the widest possible area. The EnGenius routers in this test don't record any remarkable scores, except that the ESR-300H does better on 2.4 GHz than the more expensive ESR-600H and ESR-750H.


three products discussed in this review

  Product Lowest price
EnGenius ESR-300H
EnGenius ESR-600H
EnGenius ESR-750H
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