BenQ RL2450HT review: fast gaming monitor

Fast response times, poor colour fidelity



BenQ managed to catch the attention of a number of our readers with a monitor that's supposedly very well-suited for RTS games. The BenQ RL2450HT has been out since late 2011 in the colour black, and in August BenQ also introduced a white version that we will review here today. Will it be crowned king of all gaming monitors?

BenQ says that the BenQ RL2450HT has been developed together with the Korean StarTale gaming team. These games have managed to make a living off their StarCraft II expertise, which is possible because the RTS game is hugely popular in South Korea. We recently also reviewed the Eizo Foris FS2333, another gaming monitor that was also developed together with professional gamers.

We were duly impressed by that Eizo display, but that IPS screen also carries a hefty pricetag of £283. BenQ's RL2450 HT is significantly cheaper, with the white version costing £156. The significant price difference is due to the fact that BenQ used a TN panel.

In this article we will compare the white RL2450HT with models from our recently published round-up of gaming monitors, TN models from our recent big monitor round-up and the Eizo Foris FS2333.

BenQ RL2450HT White


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BenQ RL2450HT Black

24 inch, 1920x1080, 92 ppi, TN, DVI input, HDMI input, 250 cd/m², 1000 : 1, 2 ms


BenQ RL2450HT White

24 inch, 1920x1080, 92 ppi, TN, 120 Hz, DVI input, HDMI input, 250 cd/m², 1000 : 1, 2 ms

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