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OCZ Vector 256GB SSD review: with Indilinx Barefoot 3

First SSD from OCZ with proprietary controller


AS SSD (incompressible data)

AS SSD uses incompressible data. SSDs with a SandForce controller (like the OCZ Vertex 3, Intel SSD 520, and many others) can therefore not take advantage of the built-in compression tricks.

AS SSD performs both read and write tests. First it tests 4kB data blocks with one command at a time, then it tests 4kB data blocks with 64 simultaneous commands. Lastly, it performs a sequential read and write test, which measures how well the SSD works with very large files. Based on all the tests, AS SSD also gives an aggregate score.

With 1139 points the OCZ Vector 256 GB takes a shared first place with the Samsung 840 Pro.

4k blocks read - single threaded

4k blocks read - 64 threads

Sequential read

4k blocks write - single threaded


4k blocks write - 64 threads

Sequential write

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