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OCZ Vector 256GB SSD review: with Indilinx Barefoot 3

First SSD from OCZ with proprietary controller



Samsung suddenly has some competition. Not long ago we crowned theĀ Samsung 840 Pro as fastest SSD currently around, but now it will have to share that honour with OCZ. The 840 Pro GB and Vector 256 GB are on top in virtually every benchmark, and take turns being first. We were also able to confirm OCZ's claim of the impressive steady state performance of the SSD, which is how well it performs after several minutes of continuous activity. What we can't verify is OCZ's commitment to reliability, that only comes with time.

We were impressed by the Vector, and if the price can drop a little that enthusiasm will only increase. Then again, if you want the fastest, you have to pay for it. The SSD does come with Acronis data migration software and five years of warranty. We wouldn't be surprised if the OCZ Vector remains on top along with the Samsung 840 Pro for some time to come.

OCZ Vector 256GB

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