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Sony PRS-T2 e-reader review: minus the audio

Last year's model, but still quite current



Last year Sony introduced the PRS-T1, an e-reader that stood out for several reasons. That was not only because it was affordably priced for a Sony product, but it was also fast and provided a smooth reading experience. It excelled in those areas that are important for e-readers, such as having a low weight and long battery life. Sony now released the PRS-T2, which resembles last year's model a lot at first glance. Hardware.Info tested it to find out if it can be equally successful.

The PRS-T2 was introduced at the IFA fair earlier this year, and is already available in stores. The recommended price is slightly lower than that of its predecessor, the T2 is available for £119 on Sony's website.

No cover

For that price you get the reader, a micro USB cable, a plastic stylus and a quick start guide. If you want a cover, that will cost you £29 for the standard version and £39 for the one with reading light. That's a lot of money for an accessory that's a pretty essential part of the product. Most people will want a cover, as e-ink displays on e-reader are sensitive. The affordable price of the reader is therefore a little misleading. However, you do get an e-reader with touchscreen and WiFi, and other brands also do not always include accessories.

Sony PRS-T2 Red

No audio

One difference with last year's model is the lack of audio support. On the PRS-T1 you were able to play music files, and we do miss that feature. However, there are many good things about the new version as well.

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