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LG IPS277L-BN review: LG's latest generation IPS monitor

The new flagship IPS display from LG does not disappoint



LG calls the design of the IPS277L-BN 'CinemaScreen design', like its televisions. It means that the screen is very thin, and the outside edge around it as well, which should be 1.2 mm according to the manufacturer. Only the edge at the bottom is a little wider with 10.5 mm.


Even if LG exaggerates the slimness a bit, the 62.5 cm width makes it the shortest 27-inch screen that we've tested.

Like the name indicates, the IPS277L-BN uses an IPS or In Plane Switching panel.The strong points of this technology is that the colour rendering remains the same from different viewing angles, and that brightness suffers less. With IPS panels the other hardware makes a big difference as well, so not all IPS screens are equal. There are also different types of IPS. We couldn't figure out which one LG uses here, but the manufacturer claims it has been calibrated in the factory already. We are eager to find out how well it performs, but it's clear that LG also includes more calibration options than usual:

  • LG IPS277L-BN
  • LG IPS277L-BN
  • LG IPS277L-BN

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27 inch, 1920x1080, 82 ppi, IPS, 250 cd/m², 1000 : 1, 14 ms, HDMI input

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