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Team Dark Series White 16GB DDR4-2800 CL16 quad kit 9 sterren

Review by _Bart_ on 1 November 2015
The memory looks great, overclocks nicely and performs excellent. The aluminum heat spreaders allow the kit to be very cool even when you’ll throw some higher voltages to it. Aesthetically speaking, the Team Dark series is an attractive option that would blend in ni...

Sharkoon VG4-W Blue 8 sterren

Review by dvjrickkraft on 14 June 2015
The Sharkoon VG4-W is a great budget case with many good features including its looks, the paint job on the inside and outside, and seems solid. New gen case features like a motherboard tray cutout for large CPU coolers, tool-less 90° drive bays cable management holes....

MSI Z97 Gaming 5 9 sterren

Review by JKaan on 15 January 2015
I have bought this product along with a gaming card MSI GeForce N760 2GD/5 and i4770 Intel CPU The combinations goes very well and it performs very powerfull! I can easily overclock this machine without any problem! Have recently installed BF4 and tried it on ULTRA s...

Thermaltake Core V51 Black 10 sterren

Review by melek-taus on 27 October 2014
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Review: Thermaltake Core V51 Introduction Specifications Packing Exterior Interior Installation Performance Conclusion ================================================================================ Introduction: Thermaltake a company that has bee...

Bitfenix Comrade White 7 sterren

Review by melek-taus on 12 August 2014
Introduction: Recently I received a new computer case, a white Bitfenix Comrade. As I already built a new computer with a Bitfenix Ronin case the Comrade will be used to house my little brothers computer. My little brother recently build a new computer in his older USB...

Buffalo AirStation Wireless-N Nfiniti Dual Band Broadband Router & Accesspoint 3 sterren

Review by wilsonamon on 26 May 2014
Security Never had any issues Wireless reliability Useless. Poor range. Installed another router upstairs and downstairs devices connect to that first. Generally devices (laptops, smartphones, central heating, sky, etc) will connect once when the password is entered, dr...

Pioneer MCS-333 1 sterren

Review by jonathan.olds on 26 January 2014
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Do not buy this product, it's terrible. I've had two now as I thought the first one was faulty too. Turns out it's build quality is very very poor. The fan is extremely noisy and a whirring / whistling noise can be heard constantly over the TV, even at high volumes. Min...

Adata MicroSDHC Premier UHS-I 32GB 5 sterren

Review by gerdbab on 24 January 2014
Speed It's much slower than tested on and also than the specifications say. It was tested under windows and linux using 'H2testw', 'hdparm -tT' and 'cp' (1000x5MB files). Just a 1/3 of the performance stated on was achived i.e. ~15MB/s. H2tes...

Philips MCM906 7 sterren

Review by DMARINESCU2007 on 16 December 2013
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The sound is better than anything I've ever heard. It is the only thing worth the money. The design is also decent. The IR remote interferes with SONY BRAVIA TV's. One cannot keep such a TV and a PHILIPS MCM series system in the same room. The clock is RDS controlled,...

Sony Bravia KDL-46R470 3 sterren

Review by Graeme on 22 November 2013
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Image quality On HD channels, the picture is sharp and I didn't notice any bad motion problems, but on non-HD channels the picture is worse than on a TV of 30 years ago, absolutely appalling ! The 'blacks' were a mixture of dark greys, huge amount of clouding, more rect...

1 to 10 from 17 results
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