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You can compare specifications of 579 operating systems on Hardware.Info. Want to buy a operating system? The Hardware.Info Price Comparison engine indexes prices and stock of 12 web shops, 18 times a day. That way you always find the best deal for you.

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First look at Windows 8.1 Preview

27 June 2013 - 08:56
First it was going to be called Blue, then it would come as a subscription, but in the end it all turned out different. Microsoft last night released the preview version of Windows 8.1, a major update to Microsoft's OS that will be available for free later this year for Windows 8 users. We at Hardware.Info of course couldn't help ourselves, and had to try it out immed...

Preview: A guide to Windows Blue / Windows 8.1

4 April 2013 - 14:58
Windows Blue, or Windows 8.1 as it will potentially be called, was recently leaked. We couldn't help ourselves, and installed one of the leaked versions in a virtual environment so we could try it out. On the following pages we'll give you an impression of this significant update of Windows 8, build version 9364. Windows Blue is an early version, so it's perfectly pos...

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