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You can compare specifications of 1,784 processors on Hardware.Info. Need help making the right choice? Hardware.Info has tested 442 processors, 42 of which in the past 18 months. Our extensive processor reviews including comparison tests you will find on the reviews tab. An overview of our recommendations can be found on the recommendations tab. Want to buy a processor? The Hardware.Info Price Comparison engine indexes prices and stock of 12 web shops, 18 times a day. That way you always find the best deal for you.

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Intel five generation IPC test: Broadwell, Haswell, Ivy Bridge, Sandy Bridge and Nehalem

19 August 2015 - 16:17
How much faster is Broadwell compared to the Haswell CPU when running at identical frequencies? We try to find out, as well as the gains on previous generations.

Intel Core i7 5775C review: Broadwell on your desktop

24 July 2015 - 07:20
With a gigantic delay, Intel introduces the first 5th generation Core or Broadwell processors for desktops. Is the Core i5 5775C still worth it at all with the next generation around the corner?

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