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Radeon HD 5870 for pre-order

By , source: Salland, Site name

The ATI Radeon HD 5870 just showed up in our price comparison engine and not altogether surprisingly it was online shop Salland Automatisering that was the first to have a price available. The new graphics card which rumour has it is due for release next week, can be had for a mere 320 euro's.

The world's first DirectX 11 part supposedly will be released next week, although availability on launch is as ever far from certain. Although previously leaked presentation slides showed a price of 400 dollars, maximum, a European price so far was not available. The next best thing was a pervasive "350 euro's" rumour, but Salland's pre-order price is quite a bit lower at € 319,99 - a lot cheaper than many expected. Of course this is the 1GB GDDR5 edition of the card, we will have to wait a bit for the 2GB version and its accompanying price.

Now that the first shop has leaped the fence, we suspect others will follow in short order to include a price and pre-order for the Radeon HD 5870. Keep an eye on our price comparison engine for more updates - 18 times a day.

Update 14:55: Salland informed us that after a discussion with AMD, they have taken the product offline.

Update 17:50: The name of manufacturer is removed.

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