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[Computex09] Conceptronic Yuixx preview - exclusive screens


At Computex in Taiwan, media streaming and networking specialist Conceptronic gave the first public demonstrations of the upcoming Yuixx (pronounced in a similar fashion to 'jukebox') media player that we reported on last week (Dutch). This player is being developed together with software specialist Metrological and based on Intel's CE3100 processor (PDF link). This new cpu is based on the Pentium M core but fully tailored for mediaprocessing. While the Pentium M is old technology compared to current desktop cpu's, it is a lot more powerful than chips currently utilised in existing media players. This enables Conceptronic to install heretofore unseen functionality in the Yuixx. Playback of about every conceivable media format goes without saying: thanks to years of experience in this field, Conceptronic has a huge archive of the most exotic file formats, and developer Metrological was instructed to ensure all of it would play on the upcoming product.

The new Intel chip enables the display of elaborate menus on top of video images: it is possible to render four layers on top of one another. As you can see in the screenshots below, this ability translates to some pretty impressive menu design. As the CE3100 is powerful enough to run a multitude of (internet) applications, the Yuixx will offer not just the Intel/Yahoo widget channel that we have seen in the last generation Samsung televisions, but Conceptronic will also be delivering a set of applications tailored specifically to European interests. These may include localised weather forecasts, traffic information and the latest local news. All of these widgets can be built using HTML and javascript, and Conceptronic intends to enable users to extend the functionality of the player. The Yuixx also features a complete Firefox based web browser as part of the standard firmware. You can find additional technical information here.

The Yuixx will be released in three different versions. Firstly the streamer, a model which primarily acts as a media receiver and will be sold without a harddisk. It will however be possible for buyers to install a 3.5 inch disk after purchase. The player version will be sold including a hard drive as well as 802.11n wireless network support. When a disk is installed, the Yuixx can act as a media server. The last variant of the Yuixx will include a TV tuner. The tuner type will vary depending on the country where the player is sold; however the hardware design allows for two DVB-T, DVB-S or DVB-C tuners. Even better:support for future installation of a conditional access module is built-in, as well. If you are in the market for a variant featuring a digital cable tuner (DVB-C) you will have to exercise some patience, initially the focus will lie on DVB-T models.

It is not entirely clear when the Yuixx will be available on the market, but Conceptronic aims for a September or October introduction. Prices will range, depending on the model, from 250 to 450 euro's. The demonstration Hardware.Info saw was extremely promising: not only was the Yuixx able to run about every conceivable media type, but the quality was mouthwatering as well. Another remarkable benefit is the menu structure, which is not just better looking and clearer than that of most other media players, it also responds vastly quicker and more intuitively than we are used to from this type of product. Especially featuring double tuners and a full set of internet applications, this little box might well be the ideal replacement for a Media Center PC.

Hardware.Info was given an exclusive sneak preview with this series of screenshots of the Yuixx. Note: the player is not out of development yet, so the final interface is certain to be more complete than shown below. Still, this should give you a good idea of what to expect.

For those wanting to keep track as the Yuixx nears its release date, here is an additional links:

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