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Low profile DDR2-memory by Kingston

By , source: Tech Connect

Kingston has introduced new VLP (Very Low Profile) DDR2 memory modules. The DDR2-667 and DDR2-800 chips are mounted on an 18.3 mm PCB, which is a lot shorter than a regular 30 mm PCB. Though, the current VLP modules are part of Kingston's ValueRam line-up, it's likely that Kingston will release VLP modules in other series as well 


Kingston claims that the modules are better for the environment than the regular ones, since they need less production materials. An added advantage is that the VLP-modules hardly raise above their slots. Combined with some extremely sized processor coolers, standard memory modules sometimes will not fit, a problem that VLP modules do not have. 

The recommended price for Kingston's Very Low Profile ValueRam isn't known yet.

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