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[Computex08] Thermalright's Ultimate airflow case


"The ultimate airflow case", that is how Thermalright calls its new Box-1 case. Its design is quite special. In this case, the motherboard is not installed against the sidepanel, but in the middle. Both on the front and backside have three 14 cm fans on top of one another. These create enough airflow to keep all the components cool, naturally Thermalrigt prefers its own coolers to do so. By lowering the fanspeed the case is actually very quiet, while maintaining a good cooling. Running all fans at their maximum speeds creates an optimized airflow for overclockers.

Since the motherboard doesn't reach till the back of the case, all cables have to go inside it. They've come up with a system for that: the fan-row on the back can be flipped away, allowing the cables to be placed in small holes in the backpanel.

Since the shown case is still a prototype, there isn't any information on availability yet. 

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